The third dimension of communication

Twindi:i offers a new, immersive virtual marketing and communications tool to engage your target audience


A company founded on the idea of applying sophisticated 3D scan technology to the creation of new communications and marketing tools. Every space is transformed into a three-dimensional location that can be visited virtually and interactively.


The virtual tour is built using a cross-device approach and can therefore be accessed from any device (smartphone, PC, tablet); every itinerary can be enriched with tags allowing access to videos, images, texts and links to create an immersive experience that can be expanded via social networks.

Optimisation of the processes

With its 3D representations, Twindi:i offers a distinctive tool and supports brands with their communications, sales and information sharing activities, optimising decision-making processes and conversions.

Applicable sectors

Twindi:i services are designed to develop unique online businesses in the fields of fashion, design, retail, real estate, digital events, exhibitions and shows, venues, travel and yachts.

Fashion, Design, Retail


Real Estate

Boat Yards and Boat Owners

Venues and Events

Gyms, Wellness Centres, Spas

Exhibitions and Museums