Exhibitions and Museums

Using 3D technology it is possible to present art exhibitions and make them accessible to the general public, providing a fascinating and engaging visit with the opportunity to view the individual works (paintings, sculptures, installations) and interact with them in order to explore their content. Videos, images and texts can be added to the tags corresponding to each exhibited work. Virtual tours open the doors to both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Virtual tours can end at the shop connected to the cultural event, and the tags can contain direct links to e-commerce, in addition to product files.

A suite of advanced functions

Twindi:i Tags

Annotations and features integrated into your digital tour to highlight the most important aspects of your property.

High-Resolution Photos

Photos with 4K resolution generated automatically.


Possibility of obtaining floor plans of the property using scans.

Tour VideoS

Tour Videos that highlight the key features of your space.


Every feature of your space is measured, such as walls, windows, furniture, etc.